We often repeat and hear others repeat these words: "I am going home." After the busy day, the journey's end, the spent holiday, thought is naturally turned toward home, wherever that may be. There are, surely, few that have not some endearing memories about home, from the African Negro crawling through an opening into his grass hut to the wealthy with their palatial dwellings. Moreover, everyone has some idea, or thought, about home, even if it, be, as yet, only a feeling of shelter from the elements.

With a little consideration it can be readily conceded that more than merely grass and mud or concrete and tapestry is needed to make a home. Who has not felt what we call the "atmosphere" of different homes? In one there is peace and harmony; in another, unfortunately, the very opposite. Now this atmosphere has nothing to do with the air and walls. These do not create it; neither does the wealth or social standing of the occupants. The atmosphere is directly and accurately a register of the quality of the thoughts of those living in the home.

July 25, 1931

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