There is perhaps no word in the Christian's dictionary which is more vital than the word "heal." Our Master laid the injunction to heal on all those who believed on him; he stated that healing was the evidence which followed the acceptance of his teachings. His whole life-mission was one of healing. Without the works his words would not have brought to mankind the great comfort and vitality with which they have been associated down the years following his earthly career. We can imagine how impracticable his teaching would have sounded if no cases of healing had been recorded; if they had remained as a beautiful ethical code, but incapable of practical demonstration in everyday life. Yet that is what many of his professed followers would have the world believe. They acknowledge Jesus' teachings and the wonderful standard of living which he set forth, and yet they call his works "miracles," and deny the possibility of being able to do the works that he did.

The works which accompanied Jesus' teachings were no more miracles than the fruit of a healthy tree is a miracle. The fruit is a natural result. So, healing is the natural result of the understanding of the Master's teachings. Who would maintain that he had an understanding of the rules of mathematics if he could not work out the simplest problem? What would be the good of this knowledge, indeed, unless it could be so used?

God Supplies All Good
March 21, 1931

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