Intelligent Planning

One of the qualities of divine Mind is intelligence. As demonstrated in human experience, this quality, derived directly from God, is expressed through the faculties which govern our actions, and in the readiness of understanding which enables us to make comprehensive decisions, or, as the Winston Simplified Dictionary puts it, in the "ability to meet a new situation, to solve a problem, or direct one's conduct or thinking effectively."

A plan is a proposed method of action or procedure. It is the result of thought; and an intelligent plan affords an open road to fulfillment. There is an appreciable difference, however, between outlining from the basis of personal desire and intelligent planning under God's direction. In her pertinent definition of "Mind" in the Glossary to the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" (p. 591), Mary Baker Eddy writes, in part, "Deity, which outlines but is not outlined." How much human suffering would be eliminated, how much wasted time would be saved for right activity, if more heed were given to this simple statement! Deity, which outlines every true thought, which governs man's whole being according to perfect Principle, which has boundless resources with which to meet his every need, is never influenced, changed, or limited by human opinions, circumstances, or conditions. God, Mind, is always present to govern every situation. What we need to do is to put self-will out of the way and let the divine will operate in our thinking. This turning to God to direct and govern our thoughts and actions, with whole-hearted reliance upon Him to fulfill His precious promises, is our best possible assurance against failure.

Dreams Unreal
November 7, 1931

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