Since a clergyman continues to use your paper for misleading...

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Since a clergyman continues to use your paper for misleading comment regarding Christian Science, I ask your consideration for this concluding letter from me.

Webster's dictionary defines the word "principle" in part as "that from which anything proceeds; ... ultimate element, or cause." Now Christian Science regards God as the source or cause of all that is real, as the only power, and it maintains that there is no conflicting cause or activity by which God is restricted or restrained; or, in other words, that God is self-existent, self-acting, self-expressed, as that which is causative must be. Our critic undertakes to show that a "principle," such as what is called a mechanical or mathematical "principle," cannot be active of itself, but he is mistaken regarding Mrs. Eddy's use of the word. Through right comprehension of the term "divine Principle" as used in Christian Science, many have obtained a better understanding of the self-existent, self-dependent, self-causative God than by the use of some other commonly used words whose meaning is more or less indefinite to many sincere people.

To a Friend
May 10, 1930

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