Truth Always the Victor

In ordinary human experience it is recognized that falsehood is destroyed by truth, that a lie about anyone or anything is negatived by the truth about either. In arithmetic, for instance, which deals with numbers and their relationship to each other, mistakes can be remedied by the knowledge of the simple arithmetical truth about any particular relationship. Thus, if it were erroneously asserted that four added to four made nine, the error could be immediately rectified by the truth that four and four make eight. Notwithstanding the fact that the so-called human mind is prone to err, there is that in human consciousness which enables it to differentiate between truth and error, and to hold to the truth and discard the error.

Christian Science takes its students into the realm of absolute Truth, that is, the realm of God. It teaches them the nature of God and His laws, and shows them how all error may be overcome by the understanding of Truth and obedience to divine law. And first, Christian Science affirms that God, Truth, is infinite. This being so, in reality there is no error. This is a tremendously important statement, for it can only mean that what mortals call error in whatever form is but a supposition, a false belief.

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May 10, 1930

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