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True Meat

In the fourth chapter of John's Gospel it is related that Jesus answered the disciples' reminder, "Master, eat," with the following significant words: "I have meat to eat that ye know not of." What kind of meat was this of which the Master spoke? How did he partake of it? From his answer it is evident that he was speaking of spiritual truth, which is natural and indispensable. In the sixth chapter of the same Gospel Jesus refers emphatically to "the bread of life," which will satisfy all hunger, and which is offered abundantly to all who ask for it with an honest heart.

When we begin the study of Christian Science it sometimes takes a long time to understand why stress is laid upon the daily study of the Lesson-Sermons in the Christian Science Quarterly. At first this study did not satisfy one student; and sometimes there was a desire to make, as it seemed to him, better and more profitable use of the time spent in this way. It was only gradually that he became conscious of the importance of partaking of daily spiritual nourishment; and this came about through obedience in taking the required first step. Like a child who is willing to learn, and accepts and fulfills the demands of study but perhaps without yet understanding their true significance, he took this first step. Later on, the student recognized that he would have robbed himself had he yielded to the suggestions which would have prevented him from doing his duty to God and to his true spiritual selfhood. He would have neglected his own spiritual growth, thus remaining in the darkness of mortal beliefs.

True Thinking
March 22, 1930

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