"Basis of health and immortality"

Under the caption "Basis of health and immortality," on page 339 of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," Mrs. Eddy writes, "The basis of all health, sinlessness, and immortality is the great fact that God is the only Mind; and this Mind must be not merely believed, but it must be understood." Mind, then, is God. Mrs. Eddy constantly makes use of this synonym for Deity in her writings; and, unquestionably, it throws great light on the nature of God and His creation, giving to mankind a firm basis for assurance in immortality, as well as showing them the way into a life of sinlessness and health.

Since God is Mind, Mind must be infinite—without limit. Hence we can think of God as being everywhere. And what of Mind's creation; what of its nature? Mind's creation consists of ideas, spiritual ideas; and this creation, like its creator, infinite Mind, must also be infinite, hence everywhere. Moreover, since the real creation is made up entirely of ideas, the material sense of creation must be an unreal sense; or, in other words, the so-called objects of material sense are unreal. Thus does Christian Science distinguish between Mind's real creation of ideas and the false material sense of creation.

November 1, 1930

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