"The silent lesson"

CHRISTIAN SCIENCE is a religion of works. It is based on the understanding of the allness and oneness of God, of good. This fact of good's allness is basic and fundamental to demonstration. Being altogether scientific, Christian Science admits of nothing that is tentative, conjectural, or visionary; its every statement is capable of proof. If this were not so, its scientific basis could be denied. Christian Science reveals God, eternal Truth; and that which presents the truth must be capable of proof. Anything that is scientific is provable. The word "science" means knowledge, and we cannot actually know anything suppositional or hypothetical. We may believe many things, but can know only divine truth.

Naturally, we expect those who declare scientific facts to give proofs of their verity. They must bear witness to the veracity of their declarations, or else we should have no basis from which to judge of their truthfulness. What should we have thought of the discoverer of wireless telegraphy if not a single message had ever been transmitted? What should we have thought of the inventor of the steam engine if nothing had ever been propelled thereby? Such is the power behind a scientific fact that one proof of its correctness is adequate to dispel the doubt and disbelief of the ages. It is well known that some of the greatest blessings that have come to the world have been received with scorn and ridicule; and yet nothing can withstand the unfoldment of a right idea, so invincible is Truth.

November 15, 1930

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