I came into Christian Science hoping to be healed of the...

I came into Christian Science hoping to be healed of the social drink habit, or drunkenness. After I had taken all the material cures that I knew of, Christian Science was presented to me in a rather strange way. I lived at that time with people who told me that a woman came out from Boston once a week who carried a book with her, and that with the help of this book she could heal me of my trouble. As I was very anxious to be rid of this habit I took another chance, and I can truthfully say it was the only one that came out victorious. At that time I was also very proficient in the use of profane language, and when I came to my senses and found that I could not swear and did not even want to, I was scared.

All that I knew about God at that time was just the word "God," and that was all that I wanted to know; consequently I did not have any religion, and I disliked the Bible. But in this same hour I was led to the Bible and it opened at the book of Job; and I read it with all the patience of Job, and have been reading it ever since. Next in line came the healing of a discordant body, which seemed to me to be very near the grave. I did not want anything to eat, and could not have eaten it if I had. Now I can eat anything at any time.

Testimony of Healing
I have had ample proof that God is an ever present...
July 20, 1929

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