True Progress

True progress is wholly spiritual. It does not depend upon how much money we may have accumulated, what possessions we may have amassed, or how far we may have progressed on the road to fame. Rather is it measured by how much we know of God, and how much of this knowledge we are demonstrating. Mrs. Eddy writes in "The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany" (p. 181): "Progress is spiritual. Progress is the maturing conception of divine Love."

Every student of Christian Science longs to acknowledge the unfoldment in his consciousness of the understanding of God as divine Love. To know God as divine Love is to become more loving. Spiritual man is Love's reflection; and in proportion as Love is demonstrated by the student of Christian Science it brings true peace and joy unspeakable. If even our present faint concept of God as divine Love brings to us such ineffable blessings, what will a fuller realization bring to the waiting thought? The growth or development of this true concept is the only real progress. How shall we gain this "maturing conception of divine Love" except by study, by working and praying, and by translating our understanding into action?

"A glorified consciousness"
March 30, 1929

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