The Undivided Garment

It is recorded in the eighth chapter of Luke's Gospel that as Jesus was going to the home of Jairus, whose daughter he afterwards raised from the dead, he was pressed upon and surrounded by a multitude of people. While this condition prevailed, "a woman having an issue of blood twelve years" came behind him and touched the border of his garment, and was immediately healed. To one who was working out a problem in Christian Science this beautiful narrative brought a lesson which showed the necessity for our seeking the Christ if we are to experience the healing power of divine Love.

The woman in the story had undoubtedly heard much of the great Metaphysician and his many wonderful cures, and felt that if she could but come near enough to touch his garment she would be healed. What an example of meekness, faith, sincere desire, and singleness of purpose she has given to the world! With the throng about him, it was no doubt a struggle for her to reach the Master. But her efforts in this direction were crowned with success; and on touching his garment she was instantaneously healed.

The Worth of True Living
March 30, 1929

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