In the autumn of 1923 I was taken ill with a very severe...

In the autumn of 1923 I was taken ill with a very severe attack of neuritis in the hip and knee, rendering the latter entirely stiff, making walking or the maintaining of an upright position impossible; and the pain and discomfort were so acute that any movement caused intense suffering. I had tried to help myself, as we are taught in Christian Science; but as after some weeks no improvement was evident, help was asked of a Christian Science practitioner and lovingly given. As I was alone all day, and quite unable to attend to myself, the practitioner very kindly made arrangements for me to go to the sanatorium of The Christian Science Benevolent Association, and I was taken there in a reclining position. (Here I wish to say how grateful I was for the contrivance that made the journey comparatively easy.) On my arrival I was put to bed, and the practitioner who very kindly took up my case commenced treatment. The healing was slow, and for many weeks I had to remain in bed or be moved around in a wheel-chair. I shall never forget the sense of peace and rest which came over me after the first few days of my stay at the sanatorium, when I realized that painful conditions had been changed with the aid of the loving care given and the unselfish service rendered by those dear nurses and workers. I indeed felt how very good God had been to me.

There were many wakeful nights; and during these I used to search my thought to see how this could be changed to lift it above the material sense of things, and of the pain and suffering that seemed so real. Suddenly one night I saw that if I would, when the morning dawned, observe what I was thinking, and not how my body was seemingly feeling, I might in this way rise more surely into"the realm of the real" (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy, p. 268), thereby "looking away from matter to Mind as the cause of every effect." Needless to say, as this desire was put into practice faithfully, the result, though slow, became apparent physically, and later I was able to walk again, and to take up the ordinary routine of daily life with a renewed sense of the healing power of Truth and Love and an ever increasing desire to reflect more of that Mind "which was also in Christ Jesus."

Testimony of Healing
Christian Science has done so much for me that words...
March 30, 1929

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