On the Healing of Sin

That Christian Science provides as certain a remedy for sin as for sickness there is complete proof. Both sin and sickness are healed by the same process, that is, by destroying false belief; for sin no less than sickness results from the holding to false beliefs as true, and the healing Christ is as efficacious in the one case as in the other. "The only difference," declares Mrs. Eddy on pages 352 and 353 of "Miscellaneous Writings," "between the healing of sin and the healing of sickness is, that sin must be uncovered before it can be destroyed, and the moral sense be aroused to reject the sense of error; while sickness must be covered with the veil of harmony, and the consciousness be allowed to rejoice in the sense that it has nothing to mourn over, but something to forget."

Sin must first of all be uncovered; that is, its falsity must be seen. Its motives, purpose, and character must be laid bare, in order that it may be destroyed. Sin is commonly associated with the belief of a false sense of pleasure, a belief that something pleasurable and worthy may be gained through wrongdoing. This false conclusion emanates from an erroneous sense of man; from the belief in a personality whose happiness may be enhanced through the ways of evil, through the indulgence of physical sense. Since sickness deprives one of the joys of normal life, the desire to be rid of it is keen. Not always so with sin! It is held to in the mistaken belief that its indulgence enhances one's happiness; and this condition obtains even though there is a deep-seated conviction of its wrongness. The uncovering of its true character and the viewing of it as a gross deception of which the sinner is the victim, destroys its hold.

"Life ... the infinite I AM"
March 30, 1929

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