With reference to the letter published in your recent issue,...

Fayetteville Democrat

With reference to the letter published in your recent issue, please permit me to inform your readers that the writer of it and the persons he represents are in no way affiliated with the followers of Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, nor with the church which she established. The persons for whom he is spokesman were former members of the Christian Science church who either withdrew or were dismissed from membership on account of their departure from the pure, spiritual teaching of Mrs. Eddy, and who are antagonistic to it, its practice, and are opponents of her church. The text of the letter reveals how far these opponents have departed from the teachings of Christian Science by their cooperation and practice with what is known as medical science and its practitioners. While Christian Scientists have no quarrel with the members of the medical profession and have great respect for those honestly engaged in their endeavor to alleviate human suffering in the manner believed in by them, there can be no cooperation in practice. Christian Science practice is diametrically opposite to the practice of medicine; hence, the two cannot possibly combine, and the genuine adherents of Christian Science have no thought of trying to combine or to subordinate the practice of Christian Science with or to the practice of medicine.

Christian Science is fundamentally a religion—the same religion which Jesus taught and practiced. Jesus never resorted to material means for healing. He diagnosed disease as resulting from sin or some false belief of the human or carnal mind, which he termed "a liar, and the father of it," and which St. Paul described as "enmity against God," and he healed it by his clear consciousness of its unreality. He taught his followers that the same "signs" should follow those who understood his teaching: "In my name shall they cast out devils; ... they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover." The true followers of this Christ-teaching to-day are continuing to prove its power to heal all manner of sickness through spiritual means alone in conformity to our Leader's instructions on page 3 of her "Miscellaneous Writings": "The lessons we learn in divine Science are applicable to all the needs of man. Jesus taught them for this very purpose; and his demonstration hath taught us that 'through his stripes'—his life-experience—and divine Science, brought to the understanding through Christ, the Spiritrevelator, is man healed and saved. No opinions of mortals nor human hypotheses enter this line of thought or action. Drugs, inert matter, never are needed to aid spiritual power. Hygiene, manipulation, and mesmerism are not Mind's medicine. The Principle of all cure is God, unerring and immortal Mind."

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