Early in January, 1922, while in the performance of my...

Early in January, 1922, while in the performance of my duty as sergeant of police, I stepped on an icy steel rail, falling heavily and injuring my leg, just below the knee, to such an extent that further patrol duty had to be completely abandoned. A physician was called and faithfully did his best for me, but to no avail. I became worse, and the pain was of such intensity and so continuous that many kinds of drugs had to be resorted to for me to gain even temporary relief. I could neither eat nor sleep, and was getting thin and nervous. Despairing of further success with local physicians, we turned to the best surgeon in the city of Cleveland, and I was taken to a hospital in that city for observation. An X-ray picture of the injured leg was made, and it was decided that the trouble was osteomyelitis, or inflammation of the bone and marrow. During the five weeks at the hospital, three surgical operations were performed, notwithstanding which I made no progress towards recovery. The knee became stiff, and the leg was drawn up in a rigid position. It was said that only by attaching weights could the leg be made straight again. Amputation was freely predicted. Discouraged at the outlook I left the hospital and came home in July.

My wife, who had heard of some wonderful cures wrought by Christian Science, recommended that I give it a trial. I knew comparatively little about it, but consented to try it; and a Christian Science practitioner was called in. He came on a Wednesday afternoon. The doctor who was dressing the wound daily was dismissed. "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy and a Christian Science Quarterly were purchased, and these, together with our old family Bible, were read and studied as directed. On the following Saturday morning, about six o'clock, an indescribable peace and calm gently stole over me. I was entirely free from pain for the first time in five months. In a very brief time the stiff knee joint became supple, and the carious bone was fully restored to soundness. My strength was soon regained, and I went back to work on the police force in October. This healing took place over six years ago, which is ample test of its permanency.

Testimony of Healing
When our son was two years of age he met with an accident,...
March 30, 1929

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