"Shew unto man his uprightness"

The disheartening results of the best human endeavors to destroy sin and sickness are due to a mistaken sense. The doctor believes he has to change a sick man into a healthy man, the minister that he has to convert a sinner into a saint, oblivious of the truth as taught by the Master, Christ Jesus, that a corrupt tree cannot bring forth good fruit. One liable to be sick can never be considered as fundamentally healthy, and one capable of sinning can never be considered as wholly the work of God—else God is charged with imperfection.

When Christian Science comes to show us the scientific method of redemption and healing, the student, because of false concepts, sometimes finds that it is years before he can wholly rid his thought of the old way of thinking on these subjects. The method of the Christian Scientist in dealing with sin, disease, and death is very simple, but mortals do not always readily accept it. Humanity is so accustomed to expect difficulties along the way that, in a great measure, it makes its own stumblingblocks in journeying from sense to Soul.

"The beauty of holiness"
April 28, 1928

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