On the Handling of Error

On page 334 of "Miscellaneous Writings" Mrs. Eddy answers the question, "Why do Christian Scientists treat disease as disease, since there is no disease?" in these words: "This is done only as one gives the lie to a lie; because it is a lie, without one word of Truth in it. You must find error to be nothing: then, and only then, do you handle it in Science." This passage contains a message of great importance to all workers in Christian Science—the necessity, the paramount necessity, of knowing error to be nothing; for only as it is thus recognized is it scientifically handled.

The temptation, and likewise the tendency, commonly confronting Christian metaphysicians undoubtedly is to accept in some degree, at least, as real the false testimony presented by the so-called physical senses; and, accepting it thus, to believe that their work consists in transforming something which is imperfect into a state of perfection. This attitude leads directly away from true scientific practice, controverts our Leader's explicit teachings, and obstructs demonstration.

Reliance on God
April 28, 1928

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