"The battle is not your's"

In the fourteenth chapter of Exodus we read Moses' reassuring words, "The Lord shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace." The children of Israel were very fearful when they beheld the Egyptians following them with evil intent, and they cried out against Moses for bringing them into the wilderness to be slaughtered; but, realizing the ever-presence of God, Moses was able to say with confidence that they need not fear, for the Lord was taking care of them, and would provide a safe refuge from their pursuers.

Moses did not know just what form this deliverance would take, but he was assured that it would be apparent at the proper time; and he also knew that the children of Israel could do nothing to help themselves out of their seeming difficulty. It was, no doubt, difficult for them to believe the promise that they should hold their peace; yet later events showed Moses' promise to have been God-inspired, and the fear of his followers groundless.

Nearness to God
November 17, 1928

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