A statement in a sermon recently delivered at the New...


A statement in a sermon recently delivered at the New Thought Temple, as reported in the Times, that "there are not a few Christian Scientists who imagine they can improve on Mrs. Eddy," although apparently made in good faith, is incorrect and misleading. Such imaginations may be found among those who, for one reason or another, have been expelled from or have voluntarily left the Christian Science church, and whom vanity or ambition has prompted to assume superiority over the work of Mary Baker Eddy; but these persons cannot properly be identified with Christian Scientists. The term "Christian Science" was first used by Mrs. Eddy, and was selected to designate her interpretation of Christianity in its practical adaption to human need. Every true Christian Scientist recognizes her leadership, and the finality and sufficiency of the statements of absolute Christian Science given in its textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," and in Mrs. Eddy's other writings. Those who adopt any other attitude have no just ground whereon to call themselves Christian Scientists, in the original and proper application of the term.

The desire to be personally exalted and to govern others has ever tempted mortals from the straight road of unselfed greatness and success; and the Christian Science movement, in its human aspect, has not been entirely free from such influences. There have been those who yielded to the tempter, who imagined, as this preacher said, that they could improve upon Mrs. Eddy's work, and that they could substitute their own for her leadership; but all of these assumptions, with out exception, were departures from, not improvements upon, the pure teachings of Christian Science. Mrs. Eddy achieved world-wide recognition of the term "Christian Science" as being distinctively applicable to her teachings and to the movement which she founded. Because of their inability to add anything to the completeness of her work, or to gain recognition upon their own merits and accomplishments, they who aspire to supplant Mrs. Eddy, and who would tear down her structure that they might build upon her foundation, thrust their products upon the world in the purloined vestment of Christian Science. Truly did Mrs. Eddy say of all such (Miscellaneous Writings, p. 39), "They have risen up in a day to make this claim; whereas the Founder of genuine Christian Science has been all her years in giving it birth."

The Star
April 30, 1927

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