From time to time references to Christian Science appear...


From time to time references to Christian Science appear in the press which, while friendly and well-intentioned, betray a lack of comprehension of its teachings; one such reference appearing in your columns being typical. In that account a visitor to our city commended the attitude of the citizens of another state in their persistent denial of all wrong conditions, whether climatic, physical, or commercial, saying these people were "Christian Scientists first, last, and all the time," and that their slogan is, "Everything good, nothing bad." However, Christian Science, while inculcating trust in the supremacy and ultimacy of good, does not teach that mere denial of evil is sufficient to escape or nullify its baneful effects. Some understanding of the omnipotence of good is requisite to demonstrate scientifically the unreality of evil; just as a knowledge of truth is necessary to the destruction of error in its multifarious phases. Furthermore, the repetition of certain formulas, however good in themselves, is not the metaphysical practice of Christian Science, though often so regarded. Rather do such repetitions indicate the practice of certain hypnotic methods through and by which one is supposed to be able to attain to his desires.

Christian Science has nothing in common with any system or method in which the human mind is regarded as a curative or corrective factor; for Christian Science rests on the understanding of God as the only Mind, or intelligence; and a demonstration of this verity brings harmony into human experience, supplying every need. Christian Science teaches that no true health, happiness, prosperity, or success can come of any source other than the spiritual, and points to the Scriptures as a sufficient and unfailing guide to true progress and attainment, the Christ-precept, "Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness," being a scientific rule by which all human problems of whatever nature may be solved, and the conditional promise—"and all these things shall be added unto you"—be fulfilled. Nothing but good can come of the right practice of Christian Science; but this cannot be said of suggestive mental systems, with their "vain repetitions." And it should be readily seen that if it is assumed that good can be suggested to the individual or community, evil can also be suggested; hence the seemingly potential evil in all suggestive systems. The possibilities of mischief in all modes and methods having an hypnotic or mesmeric basis are patent, and the claimed successes of these methods are illusory and temporary.

December 10, 1927

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