Precious Thoughts

To be always conscious of God's allness would close the door of thought to all else; and, indeed, is not God all-power, all Truth, Life, and Love? Christ, Truth, walks as a silent partner with those who love God; and the "still small voice" of Truth may be heard many times during the day. Moses realized the ever-presence of God to such an extent that he was enabled to lead the children of Israel out of the land of bondage through the guidance of divine wisdom.

In the book of Deuteronomy, Moses is spoken of as one "whom the Lord knew face to face." Throughout the Bible we find accounts of prophets talking with God. And should we deny that this communion with God was the reception of precious thoughts, which flowed to them from the divine source of intelligence? God is as infinite now as He was in Moses' time, and therefore as ever present. Are we emptying our mental storehouse of all evil, envy, strife, dishonesty, selfishness,—all the errors of sinful sense,—to make room for the acceptance of God's thoughts? Are we heeding the voice of divine Love? Are we keeping our hearts pure, showing mercy and justice to our fellow-men? Every good thought, every good deed, is a proof of our acceptance of and obedience to this gentle voice of Christ, Truth.

May 29, 1926

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