Encouraging Ourselves in God

When David found himself in great distress because of the depredations of his enemies upon him and his people, it is written that he "encouraged himself in the Lord his God." Probably no more graphic words than these could have been used to express the sense of protection and comfort which comes to one who understands how to turn to God in time of difficulty. The Bible is full of accounts of the manner in which God's people have sought Him in their need, and never have they failed to receive the required help.

That these people frequently have so soon forgotten His tender mercies and loving-kindness has made no difference in God's ever abundant provision for their welfare. When they have again looked to Him for some further deliverance, it has always been forthcoming. Christian have marveled much at this never ending readiness of God to bless, whatever may have been the apparent derelictions of those seeking His love and care; for no sooner has one returned to Him with earnestness and sincerity, desiring good at His hand, than its outpouring has been found awaiting him in overflowing measure.

Man's True Spiritual Nature
May 29, 1926

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