Meeting the Human Need

On more than one occasion critics have averred that because Christian Science teaches the unreality of evil, Christian Scientists themselves become cold, hard, unsympathetic toward those in difficulty and trouble. It may be replied that if Christian Scientists have ever failed to express toward the sick and suffering, and indeed toward all with whom they come in contact, courtesy and kindly consideration, this has not been the result of Christian Science, but has simply shown a failure on their part as yet to grasp the true spirit of Christian Science. Nowhere throughout the teachings of this great new-old truth is there to be found any support of or justification for a callous or indifferent attitude in thought, word, or deed toward others.

Christian Science is radical and absolute, never swerving from the straight line of divine Principle. It teaches the perfection, the omnipotence, the allness of God, good, as infinite Spirit. It teaches that the real spiritual man, made in the divine image and likeness, reflects the divine nature, and therefore can no more lapse into disease, sin, suffering, sorrow, than can God. It teaches that since God, good, Spirit, is infinite, evil and matter must be unreal and untrue. Christian Science goes still farther and shows mortals how they can prove all this; shows them how to understand God, how to turn from matter to Spirit, how to overcome and destroy evil, sin, sickness, sorrow, in themselves and in others, how to put off the mortal for the immortal, until they realize their true spiritual being in the divine consciousness, the kingdom of heaven. As the allness of God, good, unfolds to the individual, the powerlessness and unreality of evil become apparent.

January 9, 1926

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