Environment Always Opportunity

A pagan philosopher is credited with saying, "The means for a man's happiness are always at hand." Whether he had caught a glimpse of the truth, or whether his meaning was along material lines, it is impossible to say. The Christian Scientist can rejoice in the understanding that his means for happiness are indeed always at hand, because God is ever present, and one's happiness is measured by what he understands of God and man's relationship to Him, and by what he reflects of God, good.

It is often said, "If I were in a different environment I could make better progress in Science." But to the active Christian Scientist any environment affords opportunity to practice and prove to himself and others the allness of God. When we consider how Jesus worked amid the world's hatred and opposition, we can be very grateful for the opportunities which present themselves. When we see trials as opportunities instead of calamities, we have started on the right road to the working out of any problem.

September 13, 1924

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