When my daughter was just past six years of age, she...

When my daughter was just past six years of age, she underwent a very serious operation for mastoiditis. She did not regain her strength and vitality, and during the next year her tonsils became so badly diseased that she could not swallow anything solid. Medical treatment failed to alleviate the condition; and her entire system was slowly being poisoned. The physicians decided that another operation was necessary to save her life; yet they held out little hope of her coming through it successfully in her weakened condition.

Christian Science was presented to me by a friend, who advised me to consult a practitioner. Although I knew practically nothing about it, and had but little faith that it would heal, my desperate need prompted me to investigate it. I visited a practitioner, who told me, among many other wonderful things, that "Christian Science, honestly applied, never fails." With that statement for my refuge, I discharged the physicians and discontinued all medical treatment. In three days there was a marked improvement in the child's condition; and in three weeks she was completely healed. This was more than seven years ago, and her health is still excellent.

Testimony of Healing
I am very grateful for what Christian Science has done...
July 19, 1924

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