In the fall of 1914 I began the study of Christian Science...

In the fall of 1914 I began the study of Christian Science at the suggestion of a member of my family who knew practically nothing of this wonderful religion, but who had noted that the mental state of the Christian Scientists whom he had observed manifested more than average happiness and ability to overcome adverse circumstances.

For many years I had suffered from fear, mental disturbance, and general inability to take life easy and have a good time, as I was expected to do. I was told that I "thought too much." The sum total of all this was vaguely termed nervousness. For several years before I gave my attention to Christian Science I had been unable to sleep without taking sleeping powders. Upon beginning the study, I felt led to go to a practitioner for help, and after great hesitation offered to give up these powders. Then followed a terrible struggle. After a number of weeks, during which the practitioner worked faithfully and I reached the very depths of suffering, I took the last powder. The desire to use that means for overcoming sleeplessness was completely destroyed, and I was able to get considerable natural sleep.

Testimony of Healing
In the spring of 1910 I came to Idaho seeking healing...
July 19, 1924

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