Signs of the Times

[Rev. Bernard Hancock, in the Hampshire Telegraph & Post, Bournemouth, England, Dec. 7, 1923]

Self-interest should not be the chief motive of life; the world could not be saved by the cultivation of selfishness and self-advancement or self-aggrandizement. What was most required was new hearts rather than new economics; and they should be concerned more with men, women, and children, than with wealth. They must go God's way if the world was to be reconstructed aright. Repentance for selfishness and self-seeking, and for lack of reverence for divine things was essential, individually and nationally; but they must get right themselves before they could hope to get the world right. The man who saw most evil in his neighbor was most probably the man who did not see the glaring wickedness in his own heart. So they needed repentance on the part of all political parties. They needed the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth; and so they should give a fair hearing to all parties. ... Politics should be made a clean game. ... Then having ascertained the truth, they must learn to obey it, recognizing that all men were brothers, and that none should go hungry. The truth was all essential, ... what the country needed as Parliamentary representatives were Christian men and women, who knew the truth, and who were determined to back up God's truth and do their duty as Christians, and as honest men and women for the sake of humanity and for truth.

July 19, 1924

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