The Only True Incentive

In the endeavor to follow Truth there is only one incentive which will never falter, which can never fail. Only one purpose is strong enough to stand the stress of struggle, to resist the temptations which would allure into bypaths. Only unselfed love is able to go forward all untouched by everything which would claim to hinder and obstruct the way which all must finally tread. It alone can press perpetually onward with a song of rejoicing, however dark the shadows, however desperate the warfare, however great the demand for courage and faithfulness, for sacrifice and for victory.

Now unselfed love is much talked about, and there is probably no one who calls himself a Christian Scientist who does not recognize that sometime he must compass its meaning and its demonstration. It is, however, a goal that is not reached merely by wishing for it, for it can be won only through constant effort and the willingness to face all sorts of difficulties without flinching. To attain the heights that unselfed love must inevitably gain involves being a warrior who is determined never to lay down his weapons until every battle has been fought, every enemy has been conquered, every mountain has been ascended, until victory has been placed on every banner.

The Lectures
July 19, 1924

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