Before I knew of Christian Science I had been the victim...

Before I knew of Christian Science I had been the victim of a railroad accident. This railroad collision took place about thirty-five miles from a large city, to which I was taken by train and there placed in a hospital, where for the following few weeks I suffered "many things of many physicians." In my family were several reputable physicians and surgeons; and in my desperation I wired our family physician, a much loved relative, to come to me. He came at once; and, although I was about one hundred and fifty miles away, took me home. I had to travel on a bed in the baggage car, and ambulances were used at both ends of the line.

A few days after reaching home I was given an anæsthetic, and a plaster cast was placed upon my body, reaching from my neck to my toes. This remained on for six months, when it was taken off and another put on the trunk of my body, in order to get an impression to be used as a model for a jacket. This jacket, which was worn to enable me to sit up in a wheel chair, was deemed necessary on account of the condition of the spine. There was concussion of every joint of the spine, with an indentation at one place, of three or four inches, that baffled all the doctors. It was the general opinion of the specialists consulted that I would have a hump on my back. This jacket was like a coat of mail. It was placed on my body while I was lying in bed; then I would be lifted out and placed in a wheel chair. I lived in this manner for about two years, constantly under medical treatment, with a physician in attendance.

Testimony of Healing
When my daughter was just past six years of age, she...
July 19, 1924

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