Five years ago I became interested in Christian Science,...

Five years ago I became interested in Christian Science, not through a physical healing, but because the religion seemed to appeal to me; and I also had a desire to know what made Christian Scientists so different from other people. My husband, who was also interested, and I started to attend church, thinking that was the best way to find out. I knew very little of the Bible, as I could never understand it; but when I commenced reading it together with "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, I could hardly get enough, and every day wanted more.

About two months after I came into Science my youngest son, then about sixteen years old became very ill. We called a physician, who pronounced the case scarlet fever. I had always had great fear of contagious diseases, but I was quite surprised to see how calm and fearless I had become. Of course, we were quarantined for twenty-eight days, as is the custom. During the first few days I read constantly in my spare time; and one evening, while my son was very restless, he asked me to read to him from Science and Health. I consented gladly, but had not read very far when he was sound asleep. I kept on reading, and the strength and help I received can hardly be told. In a few days the rash had entirely disappeared, and my son was feeling as well as ever. The doctor was baffled; he could not understand such a sudden change, as he said my son was a very sick boy. There never were any complications, which sometimes seem to occur after an illness of that kind. I was very grateful for this healing, which convinced me of the all-power of God.

Testimony of Healing
In the fall of 1914 I began the study of Christian Science...
July 19, 1924

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