"In thy light shall we see light"

It is with great gratitude that through the study of Christian Science we are coming to understand the counterfeit nature of the material world and the reality and permanence of the spiritual universe,—are coming to see that "in thy light shall we see light."

It came to the writer one day not long ago, when mortal thought seemed to be beating its wings helplessly against the bars that mesmeric sense has set up as limitations, that we are prone to consider ourselves as persons surrounded by a peculiar set of circumstances, placed in a situation quite different from that of any one else, and with so-called problems at hand which will probably require much work to solve. We do not always stop to consider that these material circumstances are entirely the product of material thinking; that they have been seemingly produced by our acceptance of beliefs about man and the universe; and we sometimes work long, and apparently fruitlessly, in the thrall of this mesmeric sense.

Evangelizing Human Selfhood
July 19, 1924

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