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Autosuggestion, mesmerism, hypnotism, mind control, and similar terms for the human, carnal mind's activities, were believed in throughout all generations of Bible history under different names. Isaiah and other Old Testament prophets warned those of their time against enchantments and sorceries, against the astrologers, star gazers, and monthly prognosticators. We recall Saul and his witch of Endor experience, which forfeited him God's help. Jesus summed up all evil effects as "the works of the devil," and set the example for all time by destroying the false belief and its works. In the book of Acts we find that Simon, through sorcery—autosuggestion—had people thinking that he "himself was some great one;" but when he saw Peter and John, expressing the Mind of Christ, exceed his efforts, he offered them money for the method. Peter's reply was, "Thou hast neither part nor lot in this matter: for thy heart is not right in the sight of God."

The growth of Christian Science is owing to the fact that its teachings uncover, expose, and destroy the belief of evil—devil—and its effects,—sin, sickness, disease, poverty, disaster, and death; and by the method of the master Physician, Christ Jesus, it is bringing into human experience purity, health, abundance, security, peace, and longevity, showing that the kingdom of heaven is "within you," or "at hand." Every effect has a mental cause; therefore each one should decide whether "the wisdom of this world," which "is foolishness with God," is influencing him, or the one infinite, eternal, divine Mind, God, "whom to know aright is Life eternal" (Science and Health, Pref., p. vii).

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