Working with and for God

The one newly healed by Christian Science is full of grateful joy. He is beginning to be born anew, for he has had a glimpse of the new heaven and new earth which John describes in the new of the Apocalypse. He has heard the voice of Truth speaking to him in no uncertain accents, and that which he has heard "in the ear" he wishes to proclaim "upon the housetops." He is convinced that this healing and regeneration is for all; and he perhaps offers it to his friends and neighbors without realizing that the soil must be prepared for the seed, and forgetting how long it took for his own heart ti be made ready. Perhaps a sense of discouragement, always closely followed by doubt, creeps in when this "pearl of great price" is looked upon with indifference or incredulity by those to whom it is offered, and his vision of joy and reality may seem to be temporarily lost. What is the reason for this, and what is its remedy?

The reason is that the carnal mind, which is "enmity against god," resists its own destruction, and makes loud protests as the truth drives it from its fictitious position. In addition to this, the beginner does not realize strongly enough that it is primarily his own thinking which must be corrected before he can offer this pearl to his neighbor. The great demand of Christian Science is, Prove it. And it is just cause for rejoicing that this is so; for it is because of lack of proof that the stagnation, confusion, and strife which confront us on all sides seem so real to us.

A Song of Joy
December 20, 1924

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