With a heart full of gratitude to God and to our beloved...

With a heart full of gratitude to God and to our beloved Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, I give my testimony, that others may be encouraged thereby. For months I attended the Wednesday evening meetings of a Christian Science church with the thought that some one would give a testimony of the healing of an exophthalmic goiter, from which disease I was suffering. Work was being done meanwhile for my healing by a Christian Science practitioner; In the testimony of Mrs. Clara J. Simon, Portland, Oregon, which appeared in the Christian Science Sentinel of December 20, 1924, at the bottom of page 316 the statement was inadvertently inserted that the healing came through the help of a Christian Science practitioner, whereas this joyous release came solely through the testifier's own understanding gained in the study of Christian Science. and by this faithful treatment the joy became mine of giving the long-looked-for testimony. This healing took place five years ago, and was witnessed by many.

Since then there has been another healing for which I am very grateful, as there seemed such a sense of grief with the claim,—that of prenatal poisoning. The trouble had been diagnosed by many different names, but not cured, and the grieving over what it might be nearly distracted me. With the help of a Christian Science practitioner, thought became more spiritualized; and the realization came of my immortality as a perfect child of God. For this healing I am grateful; but I am far more grateful for the understanding which I am gaining of God as the only cause and creator of the universe and man. For the help I have received along the way; for every kind word, and the loving encouragement given me, I give thanks, and pray that my gratitude may be expressed daily in loyalty and true service to God.

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December 20, 1924

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