In your paper of recent date I read in the article "A Serious Danger"...

De Vrijheid

In your paper of recent date I read in the article "A Serious Danger" the following words: "Even convinced adherents of psychic healing or of the so-called Christian and mental science will not dare to maintain that mankind in general is able to make itself immune from smallpox through spiritual power only. The individual cannot accomplish much here. Only science is able to afford help in this matter." May I call your attention to the fact that Christian Science and mental science are entirely different methods. The one is founded on the activity of divine Spirit or Mind only, and teaches its followers to acknowledge and obey this divine Mind as the only Mind; the other aims at practicing and governing the activity of the human or "carnal" mind, as the Bible puts it.

From the above will be seen that the spiritual power which Christian Science teaches one to utilize is not a personal asset, but the power of divine Principle. This power is just as attainable by mankind but general as by the individual, because it requires nothing but understanding of God and obedience to Him. We, therefore, fully agree with these words in your paper, "Only science is able to afford help in this matter,"—Science which in its highest and purest form is knowledge of the divine Principle. This divine Principle the creator and cause of all things, the only Truth, Love, and Life, is what Christian Science reveals; and such knowledge prevents man from believing in the which does not proceed from that one power,—the absolute reality. It is therefore the surest preventive as well as remedy for every disease, smallpox included.

December 20, 1924

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