Christian Science was first brought to my notice through...

Christian Science was first brought to my notice through the interest of a dear Christian Scientist when I was in dire need. Since that day it has been the only remedy I have thought of applying, or wished to rely on, when faced with any problem. In addition to many other previous healings, I should like to express my gratitude for the healing of paralysis.

I awoke one morning with a terrific pain on the right side of my head and my left side completely paralyzed. My wife asked me if she should send for a doctor or for a Christian Science practitioner. I of course said the latter; and then I became unconscious. I did not remember any more until my wife came to me and said, "The practitioner is here." I told the practitioner I felt ashamed that I, a Christian Scientist, should be like this. She told me I need not feel like that, but ought to rejoice that I had another glorious opportunity of proving the power of Truth. She gave me help at once, and gradually the healing progressed, each day bringing its proof of increasing power, until on the fifth day I used my hand to shake hands with the practitioner. I might mention here that the pain in the head left me at the end of the third day. At the end of a fortnight I was able to dress myself. It was difficult, but I managed until it came to fastening my collar. I tried for about a quarter of an hour, and then sat down very much discouraged. Then I thought of what my Father had given me: He had given me strength, power, intelligence,—in fact, everything. I got right up and fastened the collar. My wife came up shortly afterwards and was surprised to find me fully dressed. One week later I went back to business. My profession is pianoforte tuning, for which I have to use my left hand all the time. This healing took place seven years ago, and I have never had the slightest return of the difficulty.

Testimony of Healing
It is with a deep sense of gratitude to God for the many...
December 20, 1924

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