I should like to express my gratitude for a healing that...

I should like to express my gratitude for a healing that took place in our home. One Sunday morning as we were getting ready for church my little girl, nine years of age, complained of her legs, saying she could hardly stand on them; and in a short time she could scarcely speak, as her tongue became very much swollen. I immediately declared the truth for her, as we are taught in Christian Science; but fear began to manifest itself, so I called a Christian Science practitioner. By this time the child had lost all control of herself, and could not be left alone. She was unable to walk, and could not hold anything in her hand, and was unable to feed herself. After a short while a member of the family asked that a physician be called to diagnose the case. This was done, and he termed it chorea, or St. Vitus's dance. The practitioner kept on working, and in three weeks the child could walk around the house, began to hold things, and was able to feed herself. At the end of five weeks she was back in Sunday school, entirely healed.

This healing means so much to me and I am very grateful for it. I wish to express my gratitude for our revered Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, and also to the faithful practitioner who worked so steadfastly and lovingly.

Testimony of Healing
About three years ago I became an earnest adherent of...
November 1, 1924

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