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About three years ago I became an earnest adherent of...

About three years ago I became an earnest adherent of Christian Science; and I wish to relate something of my experiences. Through Christian Science I have become a different and better man. I am physically healthier and mentally more harmonious, and am more loving towards my fellow-men. In short, since I have begun the study of Christian Science everything in business and family affairs takes place in a loving way. Bad qualities and evil motives have been put aside. My concept of life and the world has changed entirely. Now I know why I live and why God has created me. Above all things I have found in Christian Science a religion of love. I have found an ever present, omnipotent God and loving Father, and man as His image and likeness, as God's idea, inseparable from his heavenly Father, as the reflection of Life, Truth, and Love.

I am also learning to see that evil is not power; that it is powerless, and not a creation of God. I have dropped the false belief that God, who creates and unfolds man, has also burdened him with sin, sickness, and all discords. It is not God's will that we should suffer, or that we should be in bondage to sin. We learn in Christian Science that God is Love; that He is near to us and not afar off; that He has our welfare at heart, more so than the greatest philanthropist; that He is a comforter in all sorrow, a counselor in all situations.

Testimony of Healing
I should like to express my appreciation for a healing of...
November 1, 1924

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