It is conceded that unity of aim and endeavor among nations as well as individuals is most desirable. The banding together of people having the same objects or ideals has tended to strengthen them in purpose and achievement. Moreover, it seems true that mortals are gregarious and group-loving, expressing their need of sympathy and comfort by association or alliance. This need or desire for unity has in reality a much higher and more spiritual significance. Especially is it being manifested to-day, when men and women everywhere are feeling a lack in the old order, a hollowness which their leaders and shepherds are not filling. So their awakening thought is looking for some guide to show them the way to a new heaven and a new earth.

The disenchantment, the distrust which many feel towards the so-called established things, has made them begin a search for the substance, the reality of life, for the true Principle which they feel must be behind this veil of flesh. The need of peace and brotherhood is everywhere acknowledged; but that there can be complete unity between nations, creeds, and people is only dimly visioned as a vague, chimerical idea, not for our time. To this reaching out of human thought Christian Science comes as a sure and safe guide. It shows what true unity is, and how it can be attained. It is of importance that every Christian Scientist be prepared to do his or her share towards the common objective,—the ultimate unity of every nation.

Disappearance of Time and Sense
November 1, 1924

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