While admitting that Christian Science has called attention...

Cheshire Observer

While admitting that Christian Science has called attention to a truth neglected by the church, the Bishop of London refers to this truth as the power of mind over matter. It is essential to understand that Christian Science makes a great distinction between the human mind, so called, and the divine Mind, which is God and which alone has power, and that it is the prerogative of men to exercise the power of divine Mind in the destruction of everything which is unlike God, even every belief of life and intelligence in matter. What Christian Science teaches is the understanding of the power of the divine Mind over every belief of the substantiality of matter; whereas the so-called human mind believes that matter is substantial. The teaching of Christian Science does not include any fallacy; it accurately expounds the truth which Jesus said "shall make you free." Christian Scientists are successfully using this truth, as Jesus used it, to free mankind from the bondage of false material beliefs.

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