The Father's Business

In Christian Science the student early learns that as the reflection of the divine Mind, man, the spiritual idea, is forever in his proper place, and that no condition can arise to misplace or displace God's idea. In the infinite design, God's law governs every one; and it is not only our duty but our privilege to find out what this law is, and to adjust ourselves to it. This can be done only by casting aside human will, and meekly and humbly saying, "Not my will, but thine, be done." We are all soldiers striving for good on the side of God; and clad in the armor of invincible Truth, we descend upon the seeming hosts of so-called error. Error must be recognized as nothing, through the power of Truth; for Truth is supreme, and God, good, is everywhere.

The first step is to begin to weed out of ourselves wrong thoughts, such as hatred, envy, jealousy, malice, greed, avarice, covetousness, revenge, and so forth; and if we are really and truly honest in taking this first step, we shall have little time to criticize our brother erroneously. It is well to remembers that we can work out only our own salvation, not that of our brother. It makes no difference how unkindly he may seem to act; we are not responsible for his actions; we are responsible only for our own. We should strive at all times to follow our highest sense of good and right; and if we are honest in our endeavors, we shall have no time to meddle in the seeming mistakes of our fellow-men.

"The sunshine of Truth"
December 30, 1922

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