For the benefit of some one who might be in the same...

For the benefit of some one who might be in the same condition that I was in when Christian Science found me I want to tell of some of the blessings that have come to my home through the understanding of divine Love. Over two years ago Christian Science found me suffering from heart disease, rheumatism, stomach trouble, headaches, and other ailments. I thought I had completely lost out. Four of my children had passed away, after which my companion who was so dear to me passed on, and although I thought I was a Christian and belonged to the true church, I found out that God, when I needed Him most, did not seem to hear me. This so crazed me I attempted suicide twice, after which I happened to have a conversation with a Christian Scientist which caused me to begin reading Christian Science literature, and the scales began falling from my eyes. I borrowed a copy of the textbook and read and prayed almost day and night. Soon I noticed the heart disease was gone, then I noticed that rheumatism among other discordant conditions was fading away. By this time my medicines, which would have made a small drug store, were thrown away and my first demonstration of the truth was made,—my baby, about three years old, was healed completely of croup.

The greatest spiritual uplift in life for me was when I understood God to be ever present good, ready to help me in every need. So like Philip when he was baptized, I went on my way rejoicing, demonstrating the truth every day. I have not words to express how good divine Love has been to me.—J. M. Allen, Saint Jo, Texas.

Signs of the Times
August 21, 1920

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