Mrs. Eddy established many channels for blessings and...

Mrs. Eddy established many channels for blessings and indicated many means of growth for us, among them the giving of testimony at the Wednesday evening meetings and in our periodicals. I have found it to be true that blessings follow any effort I put forth to obey our Leader's commands and precepts. To enumerate all the blessings would be impossible, for the best of them are the gradual elimination of undesirable traits of character and a generally improved mental attitude toward one's fellow men. But there are many benefits that can be gratefully acknowledged in definite terms and I gladly tell a few in the hope that some one may be helped by the telling.

My husband and I had known of Christian Science for some years before we were willing even to try to accept its teachings. A series of financial reverses, together with the evidence of healing of other members of the family, brought us to the point where we decided to take up the study. My husband was a druggist at that time and we had on hand a bottle of five hundred tablets for stomach and bowel trouble. We both partook of these tablets regularly. Their use was discontinued at once and we have enjoyed normal functioning of the organs supposedly affected. Sluggish liver and sore throat were other false beliefs of which we were healed. After a few months the way was opened for my husband to leave the drug business. At the same time I was enabled to return to my former profession of teaching, after having been away from it for ten years. Our financial affairs have improved and we are learning to demonstrate supply, not through human will and planning, but by looking to God as the source and substance of all good. The most marked physical healing I have experienced was from the results of a tooth extraction. It was an impacted wisdom tooth, the roots having grown at right angles to the crown, and the tooth itself being imbedded in the jawbone. I was under gas for twenty minutes, while two dentists drilled the tooth from the jawbone. When I revived the dentist said that my face would turn black, the jaw would be sore for weeks, pieces of bone would keep coming up, and that there might be infection. A practitioner's help was obtained at once and, except for a few days' soreness of the jaw, all the predicted evils were averted. Not an hour was lost from my work and much gratitude was experienced for the protecting care of divine Love. This demonstration was more greatly appreciated because I witnessed the distress and suffering of two friends who had similar experiences with their teeth but without the knowledge and help of Christian Science. By such comparison we learn how much we escape through knowing the truth.

Testimony of Healing
I have received so much help and encouragement from...
July 10, 1920

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