I have received so much help and encouragement from...

I have received so much help and encouragement from the testimonies in the Christian Science periodicals that I feel I should like to give mine in the hope that it will also help some one. I heard of Christian Science about eight years ago, when I was in great need, and it has helped me ever since, in every problem that has presented itself. The first healing I received was the overcoming of a very decided claim of hate, caused through jealousy. It has been a complete and permanent healing. Then one of my sons developed bronchial pneumonia, as materia medica called it, and I became dreadfully afraid of what the consequences might be, and thought since the doctors did not seem to be doing the child any good (though I know they were giving him every attention they could at the time) I had better ask a practitioner to take up the case. Her understanding of the truth just lifted the whole thing off and the child was quite well after about three treatments. I then asked her to help me with the belief of herinia which this same child seemed to manifest. I had been told by the doctors that only an operation would do the child any good, because of the complications that accompanied it. I worked earnestly to understand better the unreality of imperfection, and in one week's time the healing was evident. This was eight years ago and he has never had a return of the claim. God's healing is permanent. I have overcome to a very great extent a hasty temper and am more reasonable, just, and loving. I have also been healed of the fear of lack. This was a very deeprooted claim and I had help from many practitioners for it but it did not seem to yield entirely until I went to a good many lectures given in London, when the speaker illustrated, by the sunshine, the abundant way in which divine Love gives. He said that we could all take as much of the sunshine as we needed and yet not deprive others of all they required, and that this is how God gives. I have been able to see the truth in this statement so clearly that the fear of lack has been utterly destroyed.

We were wonderfully protected during the air raids. On one occasion two bombs were dropped, one in front and one at the back of our house, within fifty yards or so. Much damage was done but no one was even scartched by the falling glass nor hit by the shrapnel that penetrated the building in different parts. I try always to be conscious of divine Love as being the only power presence, at all times, and that we actually dwell "in the secret place of the most High" and consequently "there shall no evil befall thee," as the psalmist has said. I am grateful for the privilege of class instruction, and my gratitude to Mrs. Eddy for her gift to humanity is beyond words to express.

Testimony of Healing
For many years I suffered from stomach trouble and indigestion
July 10, 1920

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