Enriching the Affections

Since God is already infinitely rich, real man in His image, reflecting His every quality, must manifest true wealth. The richness of the one true God, divine Principle, is necessarily like its source in every respect. Thus it is wholly the intelligent activity of Principle, ordered in perfect, inexhaustible harmony. The more of Principle one uses, the more one is proving that it is infinite. The eternal unfoldment of right doing demonstrates the boundless richness of spiritual living. In true living, the only actuality is simply the emanation from the one complete cause, which is ever producing the entirety of effect. The knowing of this is throughly practical and efficient, because it is in itself the manifestation of divine intelligence. What a wealth there is, indeed, to the very knowing that God is good, that the divine Mind is always producing divinely right doing, with all that it involves and requires.

Genuine affection must, of course, be affection for God, for Principle, and not for materiality. Turning wholly to Mind for satisfaction, one finds the whole sufficiency of spiritual wisdom. This is all one could ever really need or want. Even though one should believe himself desirous of something else, there is, in the last analysis, nothing else to desire. The divine Mind carrying on its activity in joyous order is all there is, has been, or will be. So there positively must be every satisfying quality and manifestation of this Mind, altogether apart from any sense of mortality. What is known as affection is a disposition in a certain direction, a tendency, or attachment. The true tendency, disposition, or attachment, finds its fulfillment as divine Mind manifest, never as anything material. Affection for Principle, activity in accord with Principle, this alone is rich with freedom from all limitation and freedom to do good.

Among the Churches
July 10, 1920

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