Thousands of Christian Scientists will unhesitatingly say...

Warren (Pa.) Chronicle

Thousands of Christian Scientists will unhesitatingly say that all kinds of sickness and sin have been overcome by an understanding of the absolute fact that God, the only creator, never made them, and that therefore they can have no more reality or power than erroneous belief gives them. It is also true that the lives of many people have been prolonged thereby.

Why should a clergyman, of all persons, find fault with those who have found a better way of obtaining a present salvation from such ills? Evidently our critic deems it against the rules, as it was in Jesus' time, for individuals unauthorized by ecclesiasticism to do spiritual healing more successfully than the ecclesiastics themselves. Our critic has yet to learn that in these days it is merit that will count with the people rather than worn-out dogmas. The answer given by some one to the question why Christian Scientists are happier than others is pertinent here: "Because they have found what others are seeking."

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