I would like to tell just a few of the things that Christian Science...

I would like to tell just a few of the things that Christian Science has done for me, that my experience may bring encouragement to others. When the Christian Science literature was brought into my home I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown, weary and discouraged, trying to keep up a semblance of courage to the outer world but inwardly sick at heart. Many times I had tried to turn to God for help, only to find that I did not understand Him, and so I was thrown back on my own resources, which failed me one after another. At the time of my greatest need Christian Science was presented to me. First I read the literature, trying to put into practice in my daily life the things I read, and I was greatly benefited. Later I went to a practitioner for help, and as my understanding of God increased, many physical healings were experienced. The old nervous trouble disappeared, sick headaches from which I had suffered for years were overcome, also palpitation of the heart, kidney disease, and a spasmodic contraction of the throat that left me speechless at times.

A little more than a year ago I fell on an icy pavement, hurting one hand and wrist very badly. Thinking there might be a broken bone I had it examined by a surgeon, who told me that there was no bone broken but there were other serious injuries and I would have very little if any use of that hand or wrist again, as they would always remain stiff. My faith in God was such that after a talk with a Christian Science practitioner I decided that we did not need the service of a surgeon, and I have my reward in the perfect use of both hand and wrist, and both are in perfect condition.

Testimony of Healing
Christian Science has healed me of false appetites, an...
September 6, 1919

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