When Christian Science first came to my notice I was...

When Christian Science first came to my notice I was called an old man. The dream of old age and its attendant ills was fast hedging me in, so it seemed. All my life I had been seeking for the truth, but only broken glimpses of happiness came to me prior to my first healing in Christian Science over three years ago. I am a veteran of the Civil War, and while in the service sustained injuries which culminated in a severe rupture. I was a slave to a support which had to be worn constantly during the day. To add to my misery came the verdict of the doctors that I was suffering from Bright's disease. All of this is as a terrible nightmare now, but my great need brought me into Christian Science. When this teaching came into my life, I was bereft of all hope of recovering my former vitality. I suddenly awoke to find myself improving under Christian Science treatment, instead of growing weaker as had been predicted by materia medica. Can you imagine the joy of one who, apparently lost in the mesmerism of disease and discouragement, is suddenly restored again to perfect health? I was a new man! The truss was thrown away, and the kidney trouble which had caused years of excruciating pain left me as the belief which produced it was destroyed.

I am no longer in the evening of life, for I have awakened to the truer sense of man as idea, and I find myself in the morning of a new era altogether beautiful, wherein dwell happiness, peace, and thanksgiving. I have come to see that it is truly "the spirit that quickeneth," that the beliefs I had entertained about man were creations of fancy; and the slight understanding of Christian Science which I have, has melted them all away so that I am as a little child learning a bit each day from our textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy, and all the wealth of printed material to which the student has access. How grateful we should be to Mrs. Eddy for her work in the interest of all mankind! I for one rejoice with the psalmist, but I have revised his song slightly and now make it read, Once I was old, but now I am young. How grateful I am for the dawn of genuine happiness!

March 22, 1919

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