A Personal Experience

My gratitude to Christian Science is great for many things realized in many ways, yet there is nothing at this moment for which I feel more profoundly grateful than for the new concept of church which it has revealed. A recent experience has afforded convincing proof of the extent to which my old concept has been uplifted and spiritualized. When the order came that, on account of an epidemic situation, all churches must be closed, I experienced a considerable sense of resentment and rebellion. The church services meant so much to me personally, and as I well knew, to a multitude of people, that I indignantly asked myself if there was any semblance of justice in depriving us of the help of these services in the time of our greatest need. I told myself that I was only entertaining a righteous indignation; that it was not only unjust but absurd to deprive people of a service the one mission and purpose of which is to heal disease and sin and to cast out fear, because perchance a few unenlightened people did not and would not understand that such a service could not possibly extend or spread disease, but must rather from its very nature destroy it, because of the declarations of divine law made and accepted thereat.

In this mental attitude I was only engaging in an endeavor to fool myself, since I knew that there is no such thing as righteous wrath; for true righteousness, which is right and spiritual thinking, cannot know or experience indignation or anger. I knew also quite as well that any indulgence on my part in this rebellious brand of thinking would not help me or anyone else, and certainly would not tend to open the doors of any church; so I sought a better part, a way of righteous thought. This I knew would help to bring about the proper adjustment on the human plane, so that right and justice would prevail for all people, and none would be robbed of the healing ministry of our church services.

Right Apprehension
March 22, 1919

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