The Lectures

Aberdeen World

Aberdeen, Wash. (First Church).—Dr. Walton Hubbard, lecturer; introduced by Atty. F. W. Loomis, who said in part:—

To many who superficially or with prejudiced mind examine Christian Science, it seems a system of impractical theories, and its adherents appear as the dreamers of a vain dream. In our daily lives we are apt to regard the idealist as of slight importance and to measure all things by the standard of the material. Humanity to-day writhes in the hour of maximum agony, not because of God, but because God has been too much absent from the affairs of men. Society has, and political institutions have, been reared upon the false hypothesis that property could give more happiness than virtue; that material achievement was more important than spiritual insight; that honor was of men rather than of God. Individuals have turned from all else to run a mad race for riches. Nations have struggled wildly for commerce and possession of ships upon the seas. Genius has not prayed that it might make the human soul greater and better, but has worshiped rather at the altar of the golden calf and has sung its songs to the accompaniment of the golden lyre.

March 22, 1919

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